Scotland’s Baby Box

Scotland’s Baby Box

If you live in Scotland and are about to become a mum then you are entitled to receive a FREE Baby Box for your new bundle of joy.


At first I was a bit torn as to how I felt about this Baby Box that the Scottish government were introducing.  I felt it was another expense to me, the tax payer, and where was the money being taken from to subsidise it.  However, now that I have received one I can see how beneficial it will be to so many mums to be out there and it’s something that I don’t mind my taxes contributing to.  As a tax payer, I thought I will apply for one as i’m entitled to receive one, and I can decide what I wish to do with it when I receive it.  As I already have a child I have the majority of the items so I plan on donating most of the items to other mummies who are in more need than myself.


The box has been really cleverly designed, not only can baby sleep in it but when they outgrow it, it can be used as a place to store your mementos.  It has a special design on the outside of the box where you can place baby’s name, date of birth and time of birth and the pattern can be coloured in so each child can customises their own Baby Box.


What is Scotland’s Baby Box

The Baby Box is a welcome gift for every baby born in Scotland. It purpose is to help families prepare for the arrival of their baby and provide a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep. The box itself acts like a Moses basket as it comes complete with a mattress and bedding that fits perfectly.

New babies need a lot of stuff! Scotland’s Baby Box is packed full of clothes, bedding and lots of other useful things to help give your baby the best possible start in life.


What’s in the box?



Scotland’s Baby Box gives you some of the essentials for the early months of a new baby’s life. It includes things like:

  • a selection of clothes from newborn up to the age of 6 months
    • bib
    • muslins
    • vest
    • sleepsuits
    • outfits
    • jacket
    • socks
    • mits
    • hat
  • bath towel and sponge
  • changing matt
  • baby nail files
  • teething ring
  • mummy’s toiletries:
    • sanitary towels
    • contraception
    • nipple pads
  • sling to carry baby
  • books, play matt and toys so you and your baby can read and play together
  • a digital ear thermometer
  • combined bath & room thermometer
  • mattress for inside box
  • fitted sheet 
  • cellular blanket


You can find out more information or how to get your box on the official baby box website The Parent Club


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