Create more YOU time

Create more YOU time

I recently read that the average mum gets just 17 minutes of alone time per day, while 20% of us are working an extra day in overtime every week.


I’ve been taking some tips from psychologist and author of The Self-Care Revolution, Suzy Reading

Suzy’s top tips for fitting in self-care:

1. Remember you can say no

“It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with commitments, so try to pace yourself and make sure you schedule some evenings just to take stock.”

2. Prioritise sleep

“Sleep for sanity is my mantra. If you have unavoidable late nights, make sure you have some quiet nights in to compensate and make up your sleep debt.”

3. Choose your downtime wisely

“If you’re feeling frazzled, save the stimulating TV programme or film for another time, as these can increase the release of adrenaline and stress cortisol hormones. Try picking up a book – just six minutes of reading is enough to decrease our stress levels.”

4. Be kind to yourself

“Treat yourself as you would your best friend. You wouldn’t criticise them, so don’t do it to yourself. This isn’t about being self-indulgent or lazy – it’s about being more encouraging and compassionate towards ourselves.”

5. Look for opportunities to be still

“It doesn’t need to be a formal meditation practice – just take 60 seconds to check in with how you feel and focus on the rhythm of your breath, whether that’s during your commute or while you’re waiting in the queue at the post office.”


You can purchase Suzy’s full book here because if you don’t make time for yourself or be kind to yourself you can expect other to make time for you and be kind to you.



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