Child Food Allergies

Child Food Allergies

Over the holidays we were at a friends house for a festive drink.  While our backs were turned, as we gorged on the canapes, S had picked up a nut and proceeded to eat it.  I managed to get him to spit most of it out and never gave it a second thought until 10 minutes later, when S was rolling on the floor wheezing covered in a blotchy rash.

After a trip to A&E and a dose of Piriton we were referred to the GP and then onto the Paediatrician.  I don’t know how long this referral will take so in the mean time who else better to call on but my trusted readers. A friend who’s daughter has a nut allergy said to stay away from kiwi, as they create the same reaction.  What are your pearls of wisdom?

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