Effects of baby wipes on newborn skin

Effects of baby wipes on newborn skin

I recently received an interesting email on the effects of baby wipes on newborn skin.  We all know newborn skin is extra sensitive but did you know why?


Newborn babies’ skin is extra sensitive because there is a significantly high absorption rate of chemicals on newborn and infant skin. Moreover, this skin is also more easily attached mechanically, as around contact with nappies or with the use of wipes, which disrupts the outer surface of the skin, in turn allowing chemicals to be absorbed much faster. 


I use cotton wool and water for baby’s first wash in the morning but this isn’t sometimes the most convenient method especially when you are out about.  I used water wipes when S was a baby but they are one of the most expensive wipes on the market, at £9.68 for a pack of 3, £3.22 each!  However, I do know that some people just love the brand and will make it there go to no matter what.


Thermal Camera Image - PureLove


So when I was born I said to M can you pick up some water wipes.  Off he went to the supermarket and called me saying there was another newborn wipe at a fraction of the price.  I said it wont be as pure as the Water Wipe and he read the ingredients to me.


Huggies Wipes


99% water, no alcohol, no phenoxythanol, no parabens and at £19.20 for a pack of 16, £1.20 per pack I think that’s a no brainer.  We tried them out and not only are they great on the bank balance, for the amount of wipes you go through, but there has been no adverse reaction on I’s skin.


These are now my go to wipes!


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