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About Mummy

About Mummy

All novice writers start their bio section by saying that they are not writers and for me this couldn’t be closer to the truth so I thought I might as well just put it in black and white.  I am by no means any kind of writer nor have I ever aspired to be.  I wanted to start this blog just to share my mundane stories of mummy life and silly things that have happened to me and my entourage or menagerie, in the hopes that one thing I say helps someone in some way.

Introduction to the menagerie

The first member of the menagerie is me, mummy.  I’m in my 30’s, I live in Scotland in the UK, born to an Italian mother and Persian father.  I work full time in marketing by day and at night I am a wife and mother.  Women wear so many hats don’t we?!  The next member of the menagerie is my husband, M.  I have been married to M, a wonderfully supportive man for the last 7 years.  Then there’s my 16-month old son, S, who most of these silly stories will be based on.  He makes us laugh every day and, as expected has brought so much love and joy to our lives.  The new addition to the menagerie is I, she arrived this October and has slotted in well to the madness.  Then last but not least there is L, our 3-year-old Hungarian Vizsla.  Sometimes L is more work than a child but she’s part of the family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is nothing out of the ordinary about my life, however I have been through certain experiences in my life that have changed it, for what I feel, the better.  I simply want to share these experiences with you and hope that these experiences provoke some thinking and offer some solace in any personal battles you may be fighting.


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